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Foreign trade dry goods | After the exhibition, there are a bunch of business cards and materials, what do you want to do?
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☆ This content is the text version of the follow-up strategy after the exhibition, which is taught by the Apple teacher.

In addition to some of our performances at the show, there is another question that we need to follow up with our customers after we return. After we come back, there will be a lot of information, which may be concentrated in the many of the information we receive. The customer's business card, or some information left by the customer.

一、After the show, some of our customer follow-up strategies

1.Organize information and build a customer information database.The intensity of the work at the exhibition is very large. If this is a very professional exhibition, it attracts more professional customers. It is recommended that you need to have a sense to build a customer information database before exhibiting, because a few days We will receive a lot of information about our customers. If we don't have the consciousness to set up a database in advance, then we will become very upset after the show.

2. Customer's credibility and authenticity.During the exhibition process, we will contact many different types of customers every day, so how many of them are customers who are interested in being strong, and some of them are ordinary customers who come to inquiry, which are not completely in the scene. To answer customer questions, we must go through one of the relevant points. After the show is over, we can use the information we collect from the customers to distinguish some of these customers' credibility, or their authenticity, and then decide which way to follow. The credibility and authenticity of the customer mentioned here is because the Canton Fair is a comprehensive exhibition, and the comprehensive exhibition is not necessarily a counterpart to our industry. 

When the customer leaves a business card, we have to judge whether the customer is really against us. Some of the questions he mentioned reveal how much he will have a chance to become a single in the future. Why did he come to our booth because he really has the willingness to purchase, but only occasionally? Only by collating and distinguishing the customer's data, we can follow up in different levels and levels.

3. Simple and clear quotation.I am at work, I will see that many of my friends' quotations are not professional. They ignore some details in the quotation. For example, there is only a very simple price, the customer looks very vague, and many ways of trading. Not clear. When you encounter such a quotation, the customer can't understand it in the shortest time, which will affect his response speed.

4. Selectively meet customer requirements.In the follow-up follow-up after the show, our communication will become negotiation. Negotiation is actually a form of round table, which is fair. If we put ourselves in a low position to negotiate with our customers, we may not be able to get the most favorable way for a deal. And the customer will develop a habit of him, such as putting too much risk on us.

During the on-site negotiation, many business people were very eager to close the order, so they ignored a lot of details and satisfactorily satisfied the customer. However, when they finally had to deal, they found that many ways and contents were not beneficial to themselves. It may even be a loss after the transaction or there is a big risk.

◆The first contact after the show:

The times are constantly changing. The channels and ways we communicate with our customers are no longer limited to mail and phone calls. We also have a lot of social media software or web tools.

① Mail communication:If you are writing an email, the content of the first email should not be too much. To control the length, just like we are browsing Chinese, the speed at which customers browse English emails is also very fast. It may only be a few seconds. If he feels that the content has no highlights, the length is Very long, it is difficult to attract him.

So I personally recommend that you use the first email to evoke some memories of this customer: Who am I, where did we know, and how the situation was at the time.

Take a photo with the customer on the spot, remember to bring the company's logo, preferably the product, do not take a random shot in the booth area of the booth, to highlight the company information, so it is easier to wake up the customer's memory of you.

When talking to customers, we can also find some memory points that are easy to change customers' impressions on you. For example, there is a business person who calls Kate. She meets a very interested customer at the scene and has contact for two consecutive days, so she is familiar with the customer. In the process of the second day of communication, the daughter who chatted to the customer was also called Kate. At the end of the exhibition, Kate sent an email to the customer. "I am the business person at the show. It happened to be the same as your daughter's name. Remember?" It is very easy for foreign buyers to remember the details of the two-day exchange at the show.

You can pay attention to your name, some of your company's situation, whether there are some special places, you can find highlights to wake up the customer's memory of you. If it is about two weeks or so, the customer still has not responded, can't wait, please call.

If he is a very important customer and the intention is very strong, then you have to choose a suitable topic for this email. For example, is he sensitive to price? Still have special requirements for the quality of the product? Or is he already a good partner in China? It is recommended to contact by phone within a week or so.

② Telephone communication:At the show's site, be sure to find a way to leave the phone number that the customer is using now, preferably the mobile number, followed by the company number.

If the customer does not leave or says that they have forgotten to ask, they usually have their company's phone number on the customer's business card. For some companies with relatively clear architecture, there will be a big barrier, the front desk. How to break through the front desk? for example:

A salesman pretends to be a buyer and calls to complain about their products. The front desk helped him to transfer the call to the relevant department, and then he complained about some related content, and then said that this must be a problem in your procurement process. I want to communicate with people in your purchasing department, please give me his contact information. Although it was a tortuous one, it also got a call from the Director of Purchasing.

The method of big households can be different, and there is no perfect method. But the actual problem is that we need to actually analyze it, the idea is more active, and more divergent thinking can take into account many different ways.

In fact, follow-up after the exhibition is not a simple piece of content, but a part of what we need to extend and pay attention to before the exhibition, so that we can smoothly contact with customers. Many times, we all hope that the exhibition will be ready immediately after the end of the exhibition, but as long as it is determined that he is a genuine customer, I suggest that you maintain a long-term relationship with the customer, because sometimes, especially for some products such as large machinery, his deal The cycle will be longer. Even if it is some daily necessities or consumables, these customers may often have a supplier that has already cooperated. He may just ask for an inquiry or comparison.

二、The customers we are facing, that is, the buyers, what are they thinking about?

From a psychological point of view, knowing ourselves and knowing each other, we know that some ideas from the buyers will make it easier to communicate and communicate with him.

For the buyer, why spend a few days to attend an exhibition? Many times they are very price sensitive. From the level of professional buyers, they have buyers who are what we usually say. Buyer is usually not very involved in real transactions, but they will collect different market information in the market, a dynamic of a different market.

In the process of collecting information, the price and the way of dealing are the most important to them. Many buyers are very interested in our prices and will repeatedly ask us for the price of the quotation. In fact, they don't want to miss every offer. As long as you have a quote, he is very happy. He will feel that I have got some of the content I need.

On the other hand, buyers are hoping to meet competitive suppliers during the show.

Competitive, it has many aspects: some buyers already have a fixed supplier to cooperate with him, but he will not give up such an opportunity to search and hunt in the market, why? Because you need to compare, compare the quality of the products between you, as well as some of the qualifications of the company, of course, the most important thing is your price advantage, and some differences in your trading methods. Therefore, when we face different buyers, we must think about what this buyer really wants. What is most attractive to him. Then we can only find the point that is most attractive to him, and it can be targeted in the follow-up.

Many friends will also ask, “When I contact the customer, do I have to attach the price”. If the site does not quote, it is difficult to get further contact with the customer. If the price is reported, many other suppliers will also give the customer. The quotation may result in the customer having selected a satisfactory price among the suppliers.

My personal suggestion is that if the product is not professionally high, the customer can initially give a price range. We can adjust each other according to the needs of buyers and their own status, and strive to maximize profits.

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