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Group introduction A professional foreign trade group company integrating design, production and sales

We have been through the wind and rain for 18 years.

GOLDEN HUANAN Group was established in February 2001 and is headquartered in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen. It is a self-owned production factory that integrates R&D, production and sales, and has comprehensive foreign trade qualifications. It has international trade. There is also a comprehensive foreign trade group company that is sold domestically.

The group company has production plants for fitness equipment, furniture and resin crafts. Mainly exporting fitness equipment, furniture, handicrafts, building materials and other products and imported rubber, plastic rice, chemical raw materials and other products business. For many years, the group company has been engaged in comprehensive foreign trade services such as shoes, bags, clothing, furniture and building materials. It serves the small and medium-sized enterprises as the core and provides all the foreign trade transactions required for credit, finance, customs clearance, logistics, tax refund, credit insurance and foreign exchange. Services to help SMEs improve trade efficiency, reduce operating costs, accelerate capital turnover, expand business scale, and promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.

With the advancement of economic integration and globalization of trade, the group company established the domestic e-commerce department in 2014 and entered Taobao. In addition to Taobao, it also owns the flagship store of Tmall “QIXIA” brand and sells its own resin crafts; 2015 Established the cross-border e-commerce department, targeting the North American market, and selling its products directly to local consumers. Currently, the products sold online include furniture, handicrafts, fitness equipment and many other products. With 18 years of accumulation, Jinhua South has accumulated a lot of money and has entered the list of top 100 enterprises in Xiamen for many years. It is a well-known brand enterprise in Fujian Province, with well-known brands such as GHN, L&W Los Wit, Xiangdong and Xiaxia.

Subsidiary of the group

Xiamen Golden huanan Import & Export Co., Ltd. 

Xiamen Chuangying Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Anxi County Jinhuanan Industrial Co., Ltd. 

Xiamen Meixun Furniture Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Jinyi Import and Export Co., Ltd. 

Xiamen Xiamen Import and Export Co., Ltd.

  • 18+18 years of professional history
  • 18%Average annual growth rate18%
  • 1.5+Annual import and export volume exceeds 150 million US dollars

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