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Heavy! Our company Xiamen Golden huanan Import & Export Co., Ltd. is listed in the top 100 enterprises in Xiamen
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The most authoritative enterprise selection activity in Xiamen's business community

"2018 Xiamen Enterprises Top 100"

Successfully ended!

in the spotlight

2018 Xiamen Top 100 Enterprises Ranking

Announced today

Presenting a beautiful transcript for the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up

It is worth mentioning that

In addition to the top 100 list, 4 list -

"2018 Xiamen Top 10 Manufacturing Enterprises" list

"2018 Xiamen Service Industry Top Ten" list

"2018 Top Ten Specialized Enterprises in the Emerging Industry" list

"2018 Xiamen Green Enterprise Top Ten" list

Also announced simultaneously

18 companies' operating income exceeded 10 billion yuan

The top 10 business average revenue reached 86 billion yuan

Guomao Holding Group, Jianfa Group, Xiangyu Group

Be the top three in the top 100 list

The operating income of these three companies has reached 200 billion yuan


Come and see if the companies you care about are on the list.

The layman looks at the excitement and the insider looks at the doorway.

The following daily newspaper will explain this heavy list for everyone.

★ This list is very meaningful ★

2018 is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, 40 years of hard work, 40 years of leaps and bounds, Xiamen Special Economic Zone has achieved brilliant achievements. In the past 40 years, Xiamen enterprises have also opened a new chapter in the development of the magnificent. At present, Xiamen City is vigorously promoting the "double billion" work, accelerating the realization of high-quality development and catching up with the goal. It is of great significance to hold the selection of Xiamen Top 100 enterprises at such an important moment.

★ This list witnesses the development of the SAR ★

In June this year, it was jointly sponsored by the Xiamen Enterprise and Entrepreneurs Association, Xiamen Daily and Xiamen Radio and Television Group, and the “2018 Xiamen Top 100 Enterprises” sorting activities co-organized by various industry associations was launched. This is the 13th time that the Xiamen Enterprise and Entrepreneur Association has announced the list of the top 100 enterprises in Xiamen. 13 years of perseverance, consistent, the top 100 list has become a barometer of the development of Xiamen enterprises, the listed companies have become the model benchmark for the development of Xiamen enterprises, it can be said that the top 100 list records, witness and promote the development of the SAR, become the SAR An important manifestation of vitality.

★ This list is strong ★

On the basis of doing the top 100 list, Xiamen Enterprise Alliance keeps pace with the times, constantly keeps pace with the times, promotes innovation, and launches the “sub-list”. From the beginning of the "Top Ten Manufacturing Enterprises" list, the "Top Ten Service Enterprises" list, to the "Top Ten Emerging Industry Special Top Ten Enterprises" list three years ago, and this year's "Green Enterprise" The “Top Ten” list, the “sub-list” of the top 100 list is getting stronger and stronger, and the panoramic display shows the economic development of Xiamen. At the same time, it plays a guiding and leading role, guiding Xiamen enterprises to become stronger and better, to do better work, to consciously assume social responsibility, and to practice the concept of green development.

Who is overtaking the corner and successfully counterattacking, becoming the new face of the list?

Who is digging deep into potential and ranking ahead of time?

Let's see

The story behind the "single transcripts" of the top 100 enterprises in Xiamen


Group show

Large enterprises maintain sustainable development

The environment is more complicated and the market competition is becoming more and more fierce – it is not easy for companies to achieve growth every year.

However, judging from the list of the top 100 released in 13 consecutive years, Xiamen has a number of “old face” companies on the list, which are developing steadily and continuing to advance. Of this year's list, 91 were listed last year.

Xiamen Guomao Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

The leading companies are developing steadily. Xiamen Guomao Holding Group Co., Ltd. ranked first for the first time with an operating income of 222.369 billion yuan. Xiamen Jianfa Group Co., Ltd. (220.252 billion yuan) and Xiamen Xiangyu Group Co., Ltd. (214.809 billion yuan) followed closely. The second and third places, the operating income of these three companies exceeded 200 billion yuan, a record high, and became a vivid portrayal of Xiamen's stable economy.

There are 18 companies with operating incomes of more than 10 billion yuan, an increase of 3 compared with last year. In terms of the top 10, the average operating income reached 86 billion yuan, and the operating income of 9 companies reached 20 billion yuan, including:

Dell (China) Co., Ltd. 54.896 billion yuan

Junhe (Xiamen) Holdings Co., Ltd. 37.708 billion yuan

Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd. 26.121 billion yuan

Xiamen Port Holdings Group Co., Ltd. 23.512 billion yuan

Xiamen Pazhou Group Co., Ltd. 17.102 billion yuan

Shengyu Mining Group Co., Ltd. 20.668 billion yuan

Xiamen Airlines "Joint Dream" aircraft

In addition, among the top ten listed on the list, the operating income of Xiamen Luqiao Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. also reached 19.447 billion yuan.

The cultivation of large enterprises and leading enterprises plays a positive role in improving the business environment and agglomerating industrial clusters.


wind vane

More than half of the list of private enterprises

If you pay close attention to the top 100 list for a long time, you will find that the number of companies and the industrial structure of the list have changed significantly this year.

The number of private enterprises on the list has been increasing. This year, the number of private enterprises on the list reached 52, accounting for more than half. Among the 100 companies listed, there are 27 state-owned and state-controlled enterprises, 19 foreign-funded enterprises, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao enterprises, 52 private enterprises and 2 collective enterprises.

Private enterprises are the most dynamic and potential economic groups. From the list, three of the top ten are private enterprises, of which, and (Xiamen) Holdings Co., Ltd. has a business income of 37.708 billion yuan, ranking first among resident enterprises. A group of private innovative enterprises have become the leaders of the new economy, and unicorn enterprises such as Xiamen Meitu Mobile Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Meiya Baike Information Co., Ltd. have emerged.


Jiang Xiaoyu, a professor at Jimei University's School of Business Administration, said: "State-owned enterprises are stronger and more solid, and they are based on a platform to enhance their international competitiveness. Private enterprises are doing new things and constantly inspiring the city's innovation potential."

Another change is the change in industrial structure. In the main business of the enterprise, the proportion of real estate has obviously “shrinked”, and emerging industries such as supply chain, port logistics, bus manufacturing, tourism, electronic component manufacturing, new energy, medical, resources and environment have emerged. The changes in the main business of the enterprise indicate that the Xiamen enterprises have shown a trend of transformation and upgrading and continuous high quality development.


high quality

"Invisible Champion" injects new vitality

Innovation is the way to survive and grow. The list of “Top 20 Enterprises in 2018 Emerging New Specialized Enterprises” announced by the same period shows that the emerging industries in our city are accelerating, and a group of enterprises with high technology content, good economic returns and strong competitive advantages are constantly “taking the lead”.

Xiamen Lidaxin Green Lighting Group Co., Ltd. ranked first in the sub-list with 4.732 billion yuan. Xiamen Meitu Mobile Technology Co., Ltd. ranked 3.62 billion yuan and Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co., Ltd. ranked second and third respectively with 2.412 billion yuan. These enterprises that take the road of specialization are mostly the "little giants" in the segmentation field, and even the "invisible champions". It is of great significance to implement the innovation-driven development strategy of the city and accelerate the pace of transformation of old and new kinetic energy.

Xiamen Meitu Mobile Technology Co., Ltd.

Tang Donghua, secretary-general of Xiamen Hi-Tech Association, said that Xiamen high-tech enterprises accounted for nearly half of the province, injecting vitality and motivation for Xiamen's economic boom.



For the first time, the "Top Ten Green Enterprises"

If the evaluation of emerging industries reflects the “high quality” of Xiamen, then the “Top Ten Green Enterprises” that was first promoted this year reflects the “high value” of Xiamen.

The construction of ecological civilization is the key word of the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Green Mountain is the Jinshan Yinshan, and the ecological environment is our common home. “Fresh blue” and “pleasant green” and good ecological environment are not only the inherent requirements of Xiamen’s high-quality and high-value development, but also the people’s realistic needs for a better life. Through the selection, the society is called upon to pay attention to green development, enhance the understanding and understanding of green development, and guide and drive more enterprises to voluntarily assume social responsibility. This is the purpose of the organizers to select the “Top Ten Green Enterprises”.

"This selection has been widely concerned by enterprises, and many companies have inquired." The relevant person in charge of the organizer said that this indicates that Xiamen enterprises are concerned about green development and are practicing green development with practical actions.

Xiamen Powerful Color Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

From the final selection of 10 companies, there are two types of green enterprises, one is traditional energy-consuming enterprises, which reduce pollution through technological innovation, transformation and adjustment; the first is the emerging green industry and the production of green products. enterprise. The traditional industry "old trees sprouted", emerging industries "new shoots into big trees", the two vividly interpreted a beautiful picture of Xiamen's practice of ecological civilization and green development.

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